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The Teacher Development Programme Term 1 is almost complete...

The TD programme has always been a diverse cocktail of classroom-based ideas, methodological musings and developmental explorations, and this term is no different. We have an average of one session per week at a variety of times in the hope that we can attract a wide audience. The sessions themselves are run by volunteers and a lot of research, planning and (sometimes) worry has been put into them, so it'd be great if you could come to as many as possible and show your support. This term, we have practical sessions about Using Corpora in the Classroom, Giving Formative Feedback, and Making Lessons Active. We have theoretical sessions on The weirdness of vowels, Learning and how to develop it, and What makes you job worthwhile? and we have a few other as yet unconfirmed nuggets of TD in the wings. The TD Programme is based on your feedback and requests, so hopefully there's something for everyone. But if every term you disappointedly look at the calendar as the one thing you want to see is never there (Fluency and Dance, for example) do let us know, or alternatively, why not do some reading around the subject and run a TD session of your own?  

Week 0 Training Days

Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th September 2016: Training Days Starting at 11:00 with a look at Scholarship Circles, new materials and ideas for the term,  we will kick off two days of in-house training and development.  

Tea Chat ELTC

Tea Chat started last term and it went well, so we'll be continuing with it in September. Tea Chat is a chance to have a cup of tea and talk to colleagues about a specific area of teaching/ELTC.
The theme changes every week and is often in response to what is happening at that time in the centre/ELT/specific courses. Some of the subjects from last year were: Giving Feedback, Lesson Planning, and Common Problems.
In order to make it accessible to more people, the time of Tea Chat changes each week. The plan is that you bring a brew and get/share some ideas and catch up with colleagues. Once the tea has been drunk, the session is over.

Training Day Delayed

As this term has been awash with bank holidays, trips, striking, summer school training, meetings, USEPT and all the other things that make up term 3, it has been decided that there is no space for the half-training day (that was meant to be on Wednesday 25th May, but was striked/struck off) and the whole thing will be postponed until week 0, term 1 next academic year. This means that you will have to wait a little longer to learn about Metaphor in EAP and to find out What makes your job worthwhile? Still, I reckon it'll be worth the wait.  

Easter Training Day

Following the success of the Christmas vacation training day, we're going to repeat the formula on the final Friday of the Easter vacation and hopefully send you buzzing away into Term 3 with lots of coffee new ideas to try. If you're not still on holiday and are interested in attending, or even giving, some of the sessions, please click here and fill out the quick form. For the purposes of timetabling WAS etc, it would be really helpful if you could reply by the end of this week.

Grammar Flip

Grammar Flip is a website to help you 'flip' the classroom, by that we mean providing engaging and interactive content outside the classroom so you can focus more on helping the students inside. This website focusses specifically on grammar.

Create a YouTube playlist for your class

A simple and easy way to share video material with students in your class is by creating a YouTube playlist. This playlist can be shared by email or embedded in a VLE, and can be updated as and when you wish. Click here for our easy-to-follow guide.

Clear Ideas by Sue Nurse

Here is Sue's session from the January training day on Clear Ideas (apologies for the delay in getting this one up!).   Clear Ideas PPT[Sue] final CLEAR IDEAS edited workbook for td session

Online Learning by Claire Basarich and David Read

Here is Claire and David's session giving an overview of online learning at our centre and exploring one teacher's experience of teaching on an online course.

There are gaps...

Go on. You might enjoy it. And even if you don't, it'll only last 45 minutes and you'll have something to reflect on. There are gaps in the TD plan for this term. Week 8 and 9 are looking quiet. If running a TD session was a.) something you intended to do this term, but haven't got round to doing just yet b.) something you'd like to do, but aren't sure how to go about it/what to do it on c.) something you feel you could do because you have a question/experience/idea that you'd like to share then come and talk to us because it's not too late.