Recently, a teacher shared the findings of his dissertation as his research is relevant to the ELTC and what we do here. He only shared it with a handful of people, but that got others thinking about starting a ‘bank’ where staff can record details of  their studies and research.
This record might be useful for colleagues who are studying and looking for research in a similar area, or if someone’s studies have a relevance to the learning and teaching carried out at the ELTC, it might be beneficial to share that, or just because it’s interesting to read about what others are exploring in their studies.
As Janet Ross says “It strikes me that there are a lot of incredibly useful research studies carried out on various aspects of the ELTC by various staff members during the course of their studies, which, once they’ve been assessed, never see the light of day again. While I was doing my dissertation, for example I used 3 as part of my research (Sarah’s, Chris’s and Deborah’s) all of which were very useful but only one of which I would have known about had I not found out about them through chance conversations. It would be useful to have a ‘bank’ where people could deposit their dissertations if they want to (and which we could maybe peruse as part of development time) readily accessible for all staff,  with regular updates on who has done what.”
So – as a starting point, here is a link to a document where you can write the title and a short précis of your research, and we’ll take it from there.