Doing More with TED by Nick Murgatroyd

No, this doesn’t mean going to the pictures with your cuddly toys, this is a session on exploiting TED talks in your lessons, with particular focus on TEDed, a wonderful bank of pre-prepared resources teachers can use to go with TED talks.



Fundamental Concepts in Language Testing by Chris Smith

In this session, Chris talks through some of the key tenets of testing that are applicable in the ELTC context.

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Clear Ideas by Sue Nurse

Here is Sue's session from the January training day on Clear Ideas (apologies for the delay in getting this one up!).   Clear Ideas PPT[Sue] final CLEAR IDEAS edited workbook for td session

Online Learning by Claire Basarich and David Read

Here is Claire and David's session giving an overview of online learning at our centre and exploring one teacher's experience of teaching on an online course.

Inside the Black Box: Exploring Teachers' Fears and Anxieties by David Read

Here is David's session exploring common teachers' fears and anxieties and how to address them.

Self reflection by Pawel Matuszczyk

Here is Pawel's TD session on student reflection, complete with a handy tip on how to get more out of your New Year's resolutions.

ESAP vs EGAP by Will Nash and Alice Lawrence

Here is the recording of Will and Alice's workshop on ESAP vs EGAP

Learner Autonomy by Lizzie Pinard

Here is the recording of Lizzie's excellent workshop on Learner Autonomy

EGAP Materials by Kathy Aston

Here is the recording of Kathy's excellent workshop critically analysing the use of EGAP materials in coursebooks.

Maximising DLP Peer Observations by Will Nash

Although aimed primarily at DLP tutors, Will's session on maximising peer observation can also be relevant for all teachers at the centre. You can also access key documents mentioned in the session here.  

Vertical Classroom Spaces by Tim Ball

Here is Tim Ball's excellent workshop on the use of space in the classroom

The Challenges of Teaching Vocabulary by Sian Morrey

Here is the recording of Sian's excellent presentation/workshop on the challenges of teaching vocabulary.  

Exam speaking Activities by Caroline Fletcher

Here is the recording of Caroline's excellent workshop. Perfect for those of you starting to teach afternoon exam options classes this week. You can also find her  list of useful activities on the following document:  Class Activities IELTS Speaking    

Warmers and Icebreakers by Erin Revell

Here is the video recording of Erin's excellent workshop on using warmers and icebreakers to engage and energise your classes. Here is the google doc mentioned in the workshop. The ideas from the workshop have been added, but without explanation of the process, so do feel free to add that information if you are familiar with the activity. Please also add your own ideas for warmers and ice-breakers. . If you'd like a copy of the handout given at the end of the session, email

Pop Goes the ELTC by Tim Ball

Here is the recording of Tim Ball's fascinating workshop on the use of pop songs in the ELT/EAP classroom. You can also access the scanned documents from the session below: Modagreen Visual Pop goes th ELTC TD notebook Twerking the meaning lyrics handout Song Titlles Worksheet Song Titles Worksheet Answers Song Lyrics and Pragmatics. Grice's Maxims Most sophosticatedsong lyrics Article  

TD Session Recording: Scholarship Circles by Erin Revell


Here is the recording of Erin's session on Scholarship Circles