This is your chance (but not your only chance) to join a Scholarship Circle. There are a number lying dormant from last term, including Try Something New, Getting Published, and Reading Circle. You can join one of these and rekindle  it, or you can start one of your own.

There is no set focus for a circle. You might want to join one to discuss an area of teaching you’re interested in, to gain support around something you’re studying, or to explore current teaching methodology.  All you need to create a circle is two people.

Once you’ve joined or started one, you can choose the content and how often you meet, but it’s recommended that you have a meeting within the first couple of weeks of term (either face-to-face or, if you prefer, via chat, or Skype, or email, or whatsapp etc.) and document that meeting (and future meetings) in some way. The easiest way is probably via the google doc links from the TD website.

The aim of Scholarship Circles is to support professional development and reflection, to encourage exploration and discussion, and to enrich teaching and learning in general across the ELTC.

If you have any questions, please ask one of the TD team.


For those of you not in the ELTC on Friday due to TEA Testing, annual leave, Credit-Bearing placement etc. you can join a Scholarship Circle anytime – talk to the TD team, or have a look on the TD website.

For those of you who do come to the Scholarship Circle Launch Lunch, please bring your own lunch. And a cake or some homemade goodness if you fancy. Thank you.


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