It is a leap year and a TEAP year and probably in some places also a LEAP* year. We have one extra day and whilst to some that may mean a chance to finally get down on one knee in the name of love**, to others it means the opportunity for yet another TD session here at the ELTC, which brings the total to 9 (possibly 10). And what a 9 (possibly 10) they are.

So far, we’ve been given an overview of the ELTC from Will Nash, and Dr. Philip Smith has expertly wrangled with the weirdness of English.

Coming up we have a look at as a resource, a bit more weirdness from Dr. Phil and some career reflection with Lizzie Pinard.

We also have, in response to the TD questionnaire sent out last term, workshops on Vocabulary Revision, Writing Feedback, Effective Tutorials and Teaching Exam Reading.

The sessions are at different times and on different days in the hope that the majority of you can get to something. We will also record as many as possible.

Thank you to all the presenters who’ve volunteered to share their ideas, knowledge and expertise. It is hugely appreciated.

The TD Team.


*I don’t know what this stands for.

**According to tradition, if a woman asks a man to marry him and he says no, he has to buy that woman 12 pairs of gloves. We haven’t seen the worst of this winter yet. Just something to think about.