We have made it through two thirds of the term and in that time we’ve learned about Vertical Classrooms, Vocabulary Challenges and Vatican Cameos. We’re over the hump and the home straight is littered with useful and informative nuggets of Teacher Development, so open your notepad onto a fresh page, pick up your favourite soft click and make your way to the allocated classroom (usually D08, but not always – you can’t rely on that. Please do check the calendar or the website or the Google doc or the poster before setting off) and prepare to be inspired.

This Thursday (26th November), Kathy Aston will be looking at topics commonly used in EGAP (English for General Academic Purposes). She says “I’d like to discuss how relevant they are for the departments [our students] will be going to and whether we exploit them as well as we could for the critical thinking skills they need.” This session is based around Kathy’s research and the ideas chime with some of David Hyatt’s thoughts of  “repertoire” or skills set as presented at the PIM last Saturday.

At the beginning of week 10 (Tuesday 1st December), Will Nash and Alice Lawrence explore similar themes in their session EGAP Vs ESAP. The next two presenters are new to the TD programme, so a huge thank you and welcome to Lizzy Pinard (Wednesday 2nd December) talking about Developing Learner Autonomy and Pawel Mateuszczyk (Friday 4th December) presenting some ideas on student reflection.

There are still some spaces in week 11, so if one of your goals this term was to deliver a TD session, it’s not too late.

Please speak to one of the TD team in E05.