The TD programme has always been a diverse cocktail of classroom-based ideas, methodological musings and developmental explorations, and this term is no different. We have an average of one session per week at a variety of times in the hope that we can attract a wide audience. The sessions themselves are run by volunteers and a lot of research, planning and (sometimes) worry has been put into them, so it’d be great if you could come to as many as possible and show your support.

This term, we have practical sessions about Using Corpora in the Classroom, Giving Formative Feedback, and Making Lessons Active. We have theoretical sessions on The weirdness of vowels, Learning and how to develop it, and What makes you job worthwhile? and we have a few other as yet unconfirmed nuggets of TD in the wings.

The TD Programme is based on your feedback and requests, so hopefully there’s something for everyone. But if every term you disappointedly look at the calendar as the one thing you want to see is never there (Fluency and Dance, for example) do let us know, or alternatively, why not do some reading around the subject and run a TD session of your own?